Just For Kicks

Great poem written by our one and only Andy Jackson


Scooting along with the wind in my face,
one with nature, at an admirable pace.
A simple motion of health, fun and fitness,
as my body gets stronger, it’s amazing to witness.

Many people ask, what’s that you’re riding?
a kickbike l shout, as l go past gliding.
Sometimes l stop to share, by offering them a go,
a unique experience as they start off slow.

They pick up the action and speed up the beat,
by pumping along using both feet.
The action of kicking, is a great work out from the start,
your muscles grow stronger, which includes your heart.

It’s really that easy, and makes a great hobby,
a natural sensation that works out your body,
The feeling of freedom is so hard to beat,
you may have noticed, it’s missing a seat.

Nothing to go wrong, bar a flat tyre,
a partner for life, if it’s health you desire.
Where do you get it and how much do you pay?
Phone Bruce at Kickbike Australia and try one today.

Author: Andy Jackson