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Why A Kickbike?

A kickbike is a workout tool designed by a Finnish Doctor, Hannu Vierikko, who used to compete in multisport events and wanted to get into cycle shape at the same time as training all his other disciplines without the chance of injuring his joints – thus inventing what is now considered the fastest scooter in the world!

  • LUNGES – Strength improves quicker when lunging supporting your body weight, than when you are using your current strength in cycling – Kickbiking includes natural lunges. 
  • GREATER CALF AND QUAD WORKOUT – again weight bearing builds strength quicker than heaps of cycling hill climbing 
  • SOLID GLUTE ACTIVATION – the bum is not stationery, therefore all movement targets Gluteal muscles and promotes great core strength development and Glute Activation 
  • HAMSTRING STRETCH – dynamic kick movement promotes stretch in hamstring not found when cycling, in fact cycling helps shorten the hamstring. Kickbiking is also great for hamstring injury rehabilitation, promoting Motor learning without the impact. 
  • HIP FLEXOR – more dynamic movement provides better hip flexor workout – Cycling does not give a full Hip Flexor stretch and therefore teaches it to be shorter and less flexible 
  • PROGRESSIVE KNEE FLEX – Kickbiking strengthens Knee at low impact, and the ability to control the flex and extent of bend. Ideal for knee reconstruction rehab or knee injury recovery 
  • SHOULDER WORKOUT – pulling yourself forward on the recovery stroke of every kick, not just when cycling out of the seat. 
  • STRAIGHT BACK – there is no arch in the back during any part of kick, in fact the kick technique helps strengthen the back, and helps to recover from some back injuries 
  • NO SORE (SEAT) BUM – from sitting on a bike seat 
  • NO NEED FOR SPECIAL SHOES – joggers or cross trainers are good but any shoe will do. 
  • QUICKER, SHORTER WORKOUT – Heart rate and stamina tests indicate that a 20 minute Kickbike is aerobically equivalent to 1 hour cycling. In fact heart rates have been shown to be higher in Kickbiking than most intense gym body combat classes. 
  • FAR LOWER MAINTENANCE COSTS – No gears, no oily chain, very little maintenance