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Desired An Engineered Body?

Developed for elite Nordic athletes, the KICKBIKE is arguably the best aerobic workout available.

With regular workouts you can expect to stretch the hamstring, strengthen and tone the quadriceps and calf muscles and trim down and firm up the thighs and buttocks! By adopting the proper kicking technique – lifting the knee in front, you will also strengthen your diagonal lower abdominals and lower back.

KICKBIKING generates a low impact foot strike, whereas runners generate up to 3.6 times their body weight at heel strike with every step. KICKBIKING significantly reduces shock to the knees and lower extremities, as body weight is principally supported by the stationery leg.

Injury prevention is further enhanced by not fixing you into a set position, like on a bicycle. Changing positions reduces muscle stiffness, strain and chance of injury. This also makes it a brilliant Rehabilitation tool for the recovery for knee and hamstring injuries.

So forgo the nip and tuck and mount a KICKBIKE. It’s the simplest and safest way to reduce your fat.
Health warning: Side effects include toned legs, pert buttocks and a sense of well-being. Please moderate usage.