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The Best Scooter For Kids

JUST about every kid in Australia has a scooter. The wrong scooter. A dangerous one. Those common scooters with the small wheels that you see everywhere pose a real risk to children’s safety. And we’re not talking about a boo-boo…

Why A Kickbike?

Kickbike Australia

A kickbike is a workout tool designed by a Finnish Doctor, Hannu Vierikko, who used to compete in multisport events and wanted to get into cycle shape at the same time as training all his other disciplines without the chance…

Desired An Engineered Body?


Developed for elite Nordic athletes, the KICKBIKE is arguably the best aerobic workout available. With regular workouts you can expect to stretch the hamstring, strengthen and tone the quadriceps and calf muscles and trim down and firm up the thighs…

Kickbike the Ideal Cross Training Machine

KickBike 980x714

A Kickbike big scooter makes a superb addition to the cross-training workouts of athletes, sportspeople and fitness enthusiasts. In fact, it’s one of the best pieces of cross-training equipment you can own. Why? Because the Kickbike develops your: › Cardio› Core strength,…