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The Best Scooter For Kids

JUST about every kid in Australia has a scooter. The wrong scooter. A dangerous one.

Those common scooters with the small wheels that you see everywhere pose a real risk to children’s safety. And we’re not talking about a boo-boo that Mum can kiss better.

A child can get badly banged up when they come a cropper on a small-wheeled scooter. Think broken bones, eggs on their heads the size of Uluru, and hours spent at the hospital emergency ward.

The problem is the small, hard wheels.

A child will be happily scooting on the home driveway, or the path to school or the shops when a wheels will encounter a pebble, crack, stick, or tree seed, and it stops the wheel like a brake (See video below).

What happens next? The scooter stops but the child keeps going. Until they hit something. Usually the ground. Sometimes with their head.

This is much less likely with the Kickbike Freeride, a scooter/bike hybrid designed for youngsters.

On a roll with scooter safety

The Freeride scooter has wide rubber tyres with inner tubes like an ordinary bike, which means it simply and easily rolls right over most obstacles on the ground, like a bike would.

Speaking of bikes, the Freeride is a safer option than those too. That’s because the Kickbike rider is basically standing, so it’s much easier to keep balance. And if something does start to go awry, it’s much simpler to just hop off in a controlled way.

Every kid needs a scooter. So we reckon go for the safest one – the Kickbike Freeride.