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Sled Dog Racing

Sled Dog Racing

For Sled Dog racing the Cross Max 20HD is brilliant and continues to prove popular, and the Cross Max 29 is built for absolute speed. The Cross Max 20HD has a suspension front fork and Hydraulic Disc brakes, for comfort and control, and the new Cross Max 29 has a Carbon Fibre Front fork, with hydraulic Disc Brakes, and larger wheels, all designed around being the quickest on the market.

We also have the Cross Fix which has a fixed front fork (non-suspension) and it has mechanical or cable disc brakes. Also available is our Fat Max which has 4 inch wide tyres ideal on snow or sand.

All these are great models depending on the type of surface you regularly race on, and what your riding style is. Just see some of the shots already.

If you want to talk to someone who has used both these Kickbike models for Sled Dog Racing, then talk to your local Sled dog Racing club. They can offer you all sorts of advice and suggestions.